Examination Administration  Practice Area Contact:  Steve Grandin 


CHMS has been the perfect fit for the Academy of Certified Archivists.  Since 1996, CHMS has efficiently managed our examination process, providing important psychometric input in the development of questions and the construction of the exam; they also coordinate exam logistics at numerous sites throughout the United States, as well as international locations.  CHMS’s management has also allowed ACA to greatly expand its reach, increasing our membership over 60%.
-- Michael Holland (University Archivist, Head of Special Collections, Archives & Rare Books,
University of Missouri), ACA Past President


Capitol Hill Testing Service, a division of Capitol Hill Management Services, provides examination administration services.


John A. Graziano, founder of  CHTS and CHMS, previously served as Executive Secretary to New York State Boards for numerous professions.  In these positions, he was responsible for all professional activity, including licensing examination administration, eligibility for examinations, academic program registration review, and dissemination of licensing information.  Psychometric oversight is provided by Dr. Michael Kalsher of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


CHTS’s current experience includes its management of the examination of licensed Ophthalmic Dispensers, through a contract with the New York State Education Department.  These clinical examinations -- a basic ophthalmic dispensing examination -- administered twice per year, and a separate contact lens fitting certification examination -- is administered once per year.   In the administration of these examinations, CHTS is responsible for correspondence with candidates and examiners, collection of fees, scheduling of candidates and examiners, examination production, site coordination and security, examination scoring and review, and notification of candidates. 


In addition, CHTS serves as the examination administrator for the Academy of Certified Archivists, a national organization which provide a certification examination.  This examination, for Certified Archivist, is given at numerous sites throughout the United States.


CHTS previously provided management of the examination, credentialling and recredentialling of all Credentialled Alcoholism Counselors and Credentialled Substance Abuse Counselors, through a contract with the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.  CHTS was also responsible for credentialling and recredentialling functions, such as notification of  counselors, collection of applications and fees, and production and distribution of materials, such as applications, certificates, etc...  CHTS also provided administrative services to and assisted in the development of the North East Region Clinical Optometric Assessment Testing Service, which provided the clinical examination used for licensing by eight Northeast states.


Other examinations administered by CHTS officials have been the New York State Board examinations in Veterinary Medicine, Podiatry, Optometry, Ophthalmic Dispensing, and Certified Shorthand Reporting;  the National Board Certification examination in Ambulatory Foot Surgery; and the Certified Veterinary Practice Managers certification examination.


Pre-Examination Administration – CHTS offers a full range of services — coordinating the development and security of examination questions, examination publicity, application production, information requests, application processing, determination of eligibility, notification of and correspondence with candidates and proctors, bookkeeping and financial administration, and development of psychometric validity and pass scores.


Examination Preparation & Production – Examination development, proctor coordination and training, and examination typesetting, printing and publication are among the services that CHTS provides.


Site Coordination – Site coordination is crucial to any examination administration.  Through the use of experienced staff, CHTS can manage details such as coordination of examination rooms, proctors, patients and candidates; examination security, and coordination of housing and meals.


Post-Examination Administration – CHTS’s role does not end when the examinations are returned.  In post-examination administration, CHTS can secure collection of the examinations, distribution of examinations for scoring, and secure storage and destruction of past examination material.


Reports & Analysis – CHTS can provide the needed reports to candidates and the appropriate licensing boards, including overall scores, as well as specific section scores.  CHTS staff can also provide item-by-item analysis of the examination to verify validity.


Administrative Services – CHTS employs skilled, experienced staff, who can provide or assist with the services such as collection of fees and assessments, budget preparation purchasing and production and distribution of notices and communications.  In addition, CHTS is fully staffed and equipped to provide any unique or special services which may be required.


Application for New York State Ophthalmic Dispensing Examination